For more than 25 years, Collabera Holdings, Inc., has been an innovator in delivering and scaling IT-related businesses.
In recent years, we have been driving broader digital transformation and developing a high-growth software engineering business while continuing to expand our talent on-demand and staffing services.

As we look forward as a company, we see market demands and industry needs advancing.
We are evolving our company to ensure we are ideally positioned to fully serve our clients and offer more
opportunities to our workforce.

Today, we are pleased to announce the formation of three independent operating companies:
Ascendion, Collabera, and Collabera International Business.

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Ascendion will focus on serving clients seeking full-service digital engineering solutions to elevate our lives, businesses, and society.

Collabera will focus on serving clients seeking world-class digital talent staffing solutions.

Collabera International Business will focus on clients in APAC and Europe seeking solutions and services that integrate software engineering solutions and digital talent services.


Why is Collabera moving into three operating companies?

Our market demand is evolving rapidly. We have reached the point of having three successful businesses with different value propositions, buyers, delivery processes, etc. We are evolving our organization to ensure we serve clients better than ever with the solutions they need. It’s equally as important that we help our people realize their full career potential and bring their future ambitions to life. We want success for all! Better aligning the work we do with client demand will create new opportunities and allow our people to work on the business objectives and client problems that excite each of us.

Is this a Change of Control?

No. This is not a change of control as all operating companies are remaining within Collabera Holdings, Inc., just as they are today.

Why now?

Over the past three years, we have driven broader engineering and digital transformation within the wider Collabera brand. We have reached the point of having three successful businesses with different value propositions, buyers, delivery processes, etc.

To ensure that each business, and the respective clients and employees, achieves its full potential, now is the time for each operating unit to have dedicated leadership and business focus. Our businesses are excelling and need additional focus to drive growth, respond to demand, enhance client satisfaction, and allow our people even more opportunity.

It’s important to note that we are driving this evolution from a position of strength. Our recent performance gives us confidence that we can further accelerate our overall strategy. We will always be a place that makes change happen because we have the courage to do so.

Will this be disruptive to clients?


All service levels, pricing agreements, limitations of liability, insurance, KPIs, etc. will remain unchanged. No modifications will be made to any terms and conditions with the exception of the name change of the contracting company and, in the case of Collabera, the Employer Identification Number (EIN) change. We will be asking for consent to these updates with all our clients beginning in late July and anticipate completion by September 2022.

Client account teams for most clients will not change. The people in place are going to stay in place. This organizational evolution will not disrupt that at all.

All clients should continue to expect the same great service whether they’ve been working with us for 25 years or 25 days.

Why was it decided to re-brand the software engineering part of the business?

The Collabera brand is associated most strongly with our ability to deliver digital talent solutions with industry-leading velocity, quality, and customer service. Building that brand recognition and trust has taken the excellent work and leadership provided of the past 25 years. This remains a significant growth opportunity for Collabera, and we will continue to serve our clients.

Our company - wide focus on software engineering began about three years ago, and we want to capitalize on our expertise and take advantage of the market potential.

To ensure clarity in the market, each offering portfolio deserves a unique brand. Collabera will continue its powerful brand in the talent space. We are introducing a new brand, Ascendion, for our full-service engineering business powered by talent orchestration for delivering engineering solutions.

Why are we evolving to three operating companies?

The creation of Collabera, Collabera International Business and Ascendion is being done to better support clients and market demand by giving each operating company – each with a distinct offering portfolio – the focus, attention, leadership, and investment each deserves.

Each company will operate as an individual unit, but each will have a dedicated executive team, and both will remain under the same ownership and holding company, Collabera Holdings, Inc.

What are the benefits for clients?

There are several clear benefits:

  • Focus on connecting our portfolio to the market. The separation will clarify the offerings and services of each operating company. Each company will have a sharper focus – in leadership, investments, marketing, clients, and partnership ecosystems – to drive value and growth in the future.
  • Deliver digital talent for the future. Today, the majority of our staffing business is aligned to technology, and that will only continue to accelerate. Collabera will continue to drive growth with technology-enabled digital staffing solutions for clients, many of whom are the top companies in North America, to ensure our clients get curated talent to accelerate innovation.
  • Driving growth with software engineering. Ascendion has solid client relationships, a leadership team that is grounded in digital business, solid financials, proven growth, innovative engineering platforms, and a solutions portfolio which is in demand by top global brands. What we are already doing, and what we will do more of in the future, is to make and manage software platforms and products that power growth, lower risk, improve how work gets done, and deliver delightful experiences to consumers and employees.

Why the new name? What does the new name mean?

The Collabera brand is strong and well known for staffing, which is why we will continue to rely on the brand equity for that part of the business. For the full-service engineering business, we have a unique position that deserves a unique expression. There’s open space in the market for this approach. Having a new name and brand expression embodies this direction and reinforces our unique position.

Coming from the root word ascend, “Ascendion” means we are an ally that provides lift to leaders building businesses with digital technology. We make and manage software platforms and products that power growth, lower risk, improve how work gets done, and deliver delightful experiences to consumers and employees.

Does this change the company’s strategic direction of providing engineering solutions?

Segmenting by operating company does not change our strategic direction. In fact, it accelerates the journey we’ve already begun.

Three years ago, we recognized that software is the essential element for succeeding in the digital economy. Orchestrating the right talent to deliver that software is the booster rocket that makes Ascendion stand apart and set up for success in the post-pandemic digital economy.

Ascendion is one of only a handful of companies that can authentically demonstrate the ability to be able to help Fortune 100 clients with software engineering and orchestrating talent for delivering engineering solutions projects.

How will this affect employees?

This announcement will result in minimal to no change for most employees. Most employees will continue performing their current roles and responsibilities either in the Collabera, Collabera International Business, or Ascendion operating companies.

Where can I go with questions?

You can email us at